Is Your Car Fuel Contaminated? Be on the Lookout for These 4 Signs to Know

A common problem that affects a percentage of motorists on a daily basis is when they put the wrong type of fuel in their tank and that will be an obvious reason why your car is struggling to perform or breaks down on you.

If that happens to you, someone like Fuel Rescue Melbourne can come out to you and sort the problem out. Another issue that you might help with is when your tank contains contaminated fuel, which can be equally problematic for your vehicle.

Here is a look at the telltale signs relating to fuel contamination and some pointers on how to try and avoid it happening to you.

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Your engine will soon tell you that something is wrong

Cars need the right type of fuel in them and the quality of that fuel being delivered to the engine needs to be high in order to achieve the right level of performance.

A classic sign that something might be wrong with the fuel that you put in your car when you notice that the engine is not running smoothly and there seems to be a distinct lack of response in terms of performance when you put your foot down on the accelerator pedal.

You might also experience problems with the car misfiring or backfiring.

These could be issues with your car that are not related to contaminated fuel but if you experience these issues shortly after filling up with fuel it is likely to be the case that what you have put in the tank has caused the problem.

Don’t ignore the warning light

If the warning light on your dashboard for your engine is illuminated it would be unwise to ignore it.

The light is telling you that you need to check your engine straight away and even though it could also be warning you that there is an issue that isn’t related to fuel problems, the likelihood is that you might have contaminated fuel in your tank if the light comes on shortly after you added fuel to your tank.

What to do if you suspect you have contaminated fuel

You may need to call out a rescue service if the engine is not performing normally or the car is proving hard to start at all.

If it is safe to drive and you can operate the car normally it is important you take the vehicle to an approved dealer or mechanic so that they can run some checks and verify if you have contaminated fuel in your tank.

Refueling tips to follow

There are a couple of simple rules to follow when you pull into the gas station for fuel.

If you do make the mistake of putting the wrong type of fuel in your car and realize your error straight away you should not attempt to drive the vehicle. Drawing the wrong fuel into the system will probably make the situation worse and even turning the ignition key can draw fuel into the system.

Call for roadside help if you have put the wrong fuel in your tank

Also, try to avoid filling up when a tanker is on the forecourt refilling the tanks. There is a chance that the process can stir up water which could be drawn into the pump and that could then find its way into your tank.

Look out for the signs of fuel contamination and take immediate action as soon as you suspect your car might have been affected.

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