Is It an Aston Martin? A Toyota?

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Be yourself! Is something that everyone tells us even from when we are little kids and look for a personality of our own. I agree with that, but a little retouching from time to time, doesn´t hurt anybody, right?

The case of this Toyota Supra proves it best. Or what a keen eye would see, because now it doesn´t look like a Toyota at all, but more like a replica of Aston Martin DBS.

This wonder was found on during an eBay auction, and we can tell you that it has 64,000 km on board, and appears listed with a Buy It Now price of £45,900, €56,800 or US$72,500, more or less.

Well, the car´s looks could definitely convince buyers to go for it, but unfortunately I cannot say much about the power or condition of this car.

What do you think? Any ideas?