Infographic: Women vs. Men on Car Buying and Driving

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It is an age-old battle of the sexes, but we can offer a new survey of ofer 500 customers on the road, to reveal some intriging differences between sexes.

The survey was made by My Car Check.

You should know that women feel most uncomfortable with physically inspecting a vehicle, while men feel most uncomfortable negotiating on price. Let the women negotiate! 🙂

Although for women is hard to do car check, you should know that getting a car check could reveal details that will help you to negotiate ore efficiently!

Many vehicles checked by My Car Check had many serious warning! You should always maintain your car to be safety!

You should know that 47,8% of women consider themselves good drivers, while a higher percent of 60,7% of men consider themselves good drivers.

Here you have a handy infographic showing more data from the same survey!


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