Importance of regular maintenance of the car


Whether you own a personal vehicle or a fleet of vehicles for your business, regular service and maintenance of the same is a must. The first rule for efficient performance of the vehicle is regular maintenance and servicing of the same. An automobile consists of a number of components that work in unison in order to ensure an uninterrupted functioning of your vehicle. If your vehicle is not well maintained, it might break down in the middle of the road and put you into trouble. Similarly, if the vehicle has any technical glitches, it could malfunction at any hour of the day and you might be left stranded on the road. In order to ensure that such situations do not arise, it is important to maintain the automobile in the best condition.

Not every mechanic is well versed with different brands and models of the automobile which makes it difficult for the owner to choose the right mechanic for their car. At Elite Auto Repair, your car will be in the right hands and you can remain rest assured that every component of the vehicle will be thoroughly checked and serviced before it is returned to you. The expert and trained mechanics will ensure that you are satisfied with their service and your car will not require any replacement or repairs for a long time now. If you own a fleet of vehicles, you can easily maintain them in the best condition with the services offered by Elite Auto Repair.

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Full service auto repair shop in Tempe

The full service auto repair shop will help ensure that your vehicle is running in top condition through the vehicle maintenance services. They work with well qualified staff of the Automotive Service Excellence certified technicians who you can rely on. They will ensure that the routine maintenance of your vehicle is carried out efficiently and on time. One of the most important requirement for the maintenance of any vehicle is the oil and filter change. Every vehicle will require the change in order to function efficiently. Regular oil and filter change ensures that the engine functions efficiently and any dirt is removed from the same. It increases the life of the engine and has a positive impact on the performance of the same. Automobile experts recommend that the oil and filter change should be carried out on your vehicle every three months or at 3,000 miles whichever occurs first. In order to ensure uninterrupted functioning of your car, you need to keep a check on the oil and filter from time to time. Oil changes at 7,500 miles are suitable if the manufacturer of your vehicle recommends the same. In case you are using a fully synthetic type of oil which lasts longer than the normal oil, you can opt for an oil change at 7,500 miles. The long lasting oil is usually avoided by manufacturers and car owners.

Apart from the oil and filter change, it is important to pay attention to the other regular maintenance items which include monitoring proper level of fluid and the tire pressure. You also need to check the brakes of your vehicle from time to time. Notice any sounds that your vehicle makes and immediately contact the mechanic for a resolution of the same. It is the vehicle’s way of telling you that it requires attention. The regular maintenance items can cause you huge expenses in the future if they remain uninspected for a long period of time. If you opt for a regular service of the vehicle, you can save up on the expenses which you might end up incurring in the future. It will keep the vehicle running strong for many years to come and will also increase the resale value of the same.

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Choose an affordable preventive maintenance plan

Elite Auto Repair is the right place to bring your vehicle to if you are looking for an efficient service and repair of the vehicle. They use the best oil and will help in the complete maintenance of your vehicle. This includes the full manufacturer recommended service for your car, truck or van at an appropriate mileage interval. Their preventive maintenance plan includes cooling system services, automatic transmission flush services, oil and filter change services, automotive tune ups, alignment services and power steering flush services. No matter the brand and type of your vehicle, the mechanics will ensure that they complete the job to your satisfaction. The services are highly recommended by the clients and they get their business through referrals. You can bring your vehicle for specific repair and replacement and also for regular maintenance services. They will offer complete maintenance services under one roof at an affordable rate. Whether you need to change the filter in your engine or a replacement of the brakes, they will take over the problem head on and offer quick solutions to the same.

Great value and excellent services for your vehicle

Elite Auto Repair offers great value on the services and also provides special discounts for the routine maintenance services of the vehicle. You can simply schedule a routine maintenance appointment and ensure that your vehicle receives all the care it requires. If you own large vehicles or hybrid vehicles, check out and book your appointment for the oil and filter change. The services are available at an affordable rate and the vehicle will be delivered to you within the shortest time period. Having catered to a large number of clients for the last 15 years, Elite Auto Repair is a pioneer in the business and has received appreciation for its services. They treat the vehicle like it is their own and offer services that meet the demands of the clients. If you are stuck in the middle of the road because your car has broken down, you can call for the complimentary shuttle service or use the loaner car until your vehicle is ready for a pick up.