If this is your Ferrari F50 then you can have it back

Hello you? Do you own this 1996 Ferrari F50? In that case, the US Attorney’s Office would like to speak to you. No, it’s not about that parking ticket … they want to return the F50 to you. Do you remember how it was stolen 18 years ago? In Italy? The government thinks this is it. But before you raise your hand, know that this is going to be in court. There is another party who believes they have rightful property.

Let’s step back and explain. How The Buffalo News ReportsIn 2003 a Ferrari F50 was stolen shortly after it was bought in Italy. A few years later, a Ferrari F50 is intercepted by US Customs and Border Protection on the Canadian border. They notice something fishy about the VIN and after CBP investigates further and contacted Ferrari, they discover it was the stolen 2003 F50.

The problem is that the Ferrari has had at least a couple of owners over the past few years, the last of which claims to be owned by the right people. Although the evidence appears to be convincing, Buffalo News reports that the US attorney is unsure whether to return the car to either claimant. She wants these parties – or you, provided you have a stronger claim than those named in the news report – to clarify this in court. Until then, the government will hold on to it. Hard work but someone has to do it.

The story takes more twists and turns in a few hundred words of the original account than we have passed on here, and a court battle could reveal more. It could be that both applicants are less entitled to this F50 than you, dear reader. All you have to do is prove your claim in court. Good luck. You will need it.

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