Hyundai publishes teaser pictures of the new STARIA multi-purpose vehicle

Hyundai and Kia have revealed teaser images left and right these days. At first it was Kia with that EV6, then Hyundai with that Kona N.. And now we have the Hyundai STARIA. The STARIA, described by Hyundai as a multi-purpose vehicle, represents the automaker’s more holistic vision for future transportation. STARIA is part of Hyundai Progress for humanity Initiative, which means that you want to move from a traditional manufacturer to a “provider of intelligent mobility solutions”.

“STARIA is Hyundai’s new multi-purpose vehicle program that ushers in a new era of mobility,” said SangYup Lee, senior vice president and head of Global Hyundai Design. “With its unparalleled design features, STARIA offers its customers a completely new experience and value proposition.”

Styling & design

While details are still known, the teaser images reflect the STARIA’s space age look. Based on what we can see in the pictures, the front is characterized by a long, horizontal daytime running light. According to Hyundai, the interior is just as modern and spacious, thanks in part to the panoramic windows. While Hyundai hasn’t said much else yet, they say the STARIA will have a lot of driver-centric features.

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STARIA meaning

The name is a combination of two words, Star and Ria. The Oxford Advanced American Dictionary defines ria as a long, narrow area of ​​water that forms when a river valley is flooded.


Hyundai will publish more information about STARIA in the coming weeks. A premium equipment variant is also expected to be introduced for selected markets.

Hyundai STARIA teaser pictures

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