Hybrid Phoenix AWD from Sabb at 2011 Geneva Motor Show

Geneva 2011 Auto Show presents Subb’s Sexy Phoenix AWD Hybird . This is a latest model hybrid car.

Hybrid Phoenix AWD From Sabb
Hybrid Phoenix AWD From Sabb at Geneva Motor Show

The car has been manufactured using the advanced technology. The Phoenix AWD cars are all wheel drive system. It can accelerate zero to 60 km within few seconds. 25 KV electric motor systems provide the car with regenerative power while driving to get necessary power.

The body of this car has been designed in weaving shape and it gives extra attraction to the auto car customers. The inner side is well decorated with fashionable design. It is easy to drive and consumption of gasoline is comparatively lesser than other cars. The maintenance cost is also less. The new hybrid generation would be ideal for environment and economy conscious people. Give it a look and try it first hand!