Hummer H3 GT by Geiger Cars

Geiger Cars has doing tuning for many years only to real American cars as Hummer, Chevrolet Corvette, Ford Mustang or Dodge Viper.
Behind the rims we can see big vented brake discs to stop these 2.3 tons of mammoth muscles in every situation. But not only brakes were changed. Geiger Cars installed a sporting chassis that decreases the car’s height and improves stability and handling in high speeds or tight curves.

Hummer H3 GT by Geiger Cars

The tuners say that the Hummer H3 isn’t only a luxurious SUV but off-road too. But we know that with 23“ rims you can’t fight with some heavy terrain.

Hummer H3 GT by Geiger Cars

The H3’s engine was improved too. Now the 5.3 liter V8 aggregate produces 300hp of raw power. Its top speed is 124mph (about 200kmph). This was achieved thanks to software change of engine and transmission, sporting air filter and complete stainless exhaust system with two exhaust tips producing beautiful sound.

Hummer H3 GT by Geiger Cars

The most important change is a new color. White color is still stylish, so this car is white too. Geiger Cars tuned a very interesting Hummer, don’t you think?

Hummer H3 GT by Geiger Cars

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