How To Use a Euro 6 Conversion Kit for Vans

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Drivers used to driving their cars in the European Union and the United Kingdom know how much of a pain the European Emission Standards can be – if your car’s emission levels exceed those set by the regulations, you might have to pay an additional tax, or might even not be able to enter certain areas with your vehicle.

Using a Euro 6 conversion kit for vans can help your vehicle adjust to these regulations – and save some money while you’re at it. Let’s see how it works.

What is Euro 6?

European Emission Standards, often shortened to Euro, is a set of emission regulations for vehicles driving on the territory of the European Union, the EEA, and the United Kingdom. The latest version of this regulation, Euro 6, targeted Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) emissions, lowering the acceptable levels by a significant margin. The new changes mostly affected Diesel car owners, with an SCR system now being a must in all new Diesel vehicles sold in the EU, EEA, and the UK.

The Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system aims to reduce harmful Nitrogen Oxide emission levels through a variety of means. One of those means is through pumping a liquid called AdBlue into the exhaust. AdBlue is a solution of water and urea, and causes dangerous nitrogen oxides to turn into water and ammonia, which are neutral for the environment.

AdBlue is universal for all cars – AdBlue for Mercedes vehicles is the same as for BMW and other brands.

Should I switch from Euro 5 to Euro 6?

There are several downsides of having your car not compatible with Euro 6 emission standards. If you’re driving such a car across the European Union, you might not be able to enter some areas in large cities like London and Berlin. These so-called Ultra Low Emission Zones only allow Euro 6-compliant vehicles to enter – if you enter them with a non-compatible vehicle, you will be in danger of receiving a fine.

What’s more, some countries introduced an additional tax on vehicles that are not compatible with Euro 6 emission standards. In the UK, for example, drivers might have to pay up to £300 for driving a vehicle that’s incompatible with Euro 6 standards.

How to convert a van from Euro 5 to Euro 6?

Converting from Euro 5 to Euro 6 requires retrofitting, since the vehicle might not have an SCR system installed. This procedure is possible for Diesel vehicles, but quite expensive.

There is another way, however – using a Euro 6 Conversion Kit for vans, drivers can simulate a working SCR system, even when disabled. The SCR system is known to be extremely faulty, and since a faulty SCR system will mean you won’t be able to drive your vehicle at full speed, it can be a huge problem.

With an AdBlue emulator, drivers can avoid the artificial limits put on their engines by a faulty SCR system. These can be used outside the EU and EEA, wherever there is no requirement for vehicles to have a running SCR system. This way, drivers can also save money on AdBlue liquid when driving outside of the EU.

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