How to Study the Highway Code for the UK Driving Theory Test


Trying to study the Highway Code for the UK driving theory test can be daunting. Going through the code can be pretty scary for first timers, as it is essentially a legal document that isn’t exactly easy reading. The good news is that you don’t need to study the Highway Code directly however – and you certainly don’t need to memorize it for the driving theory test.

It is important to note learning the Highway Code in itself isn’t a bad thing, as it covers important safety aspects on the road. That being said you won’t be expected to quote it verbatim or anything like that, because the UK driving theory test is based on areas that are covered in the DVSA (Driving Standards Agency) Official Guide – and not directly from the Highway Code.

Use the Right Resources

Seeing as the test is based on the DVSA Official Guide, it makes sense that it should be your go-to reference. In addition to the guide itself however, you could also look into the Official DVSA Theory Test Kit app that is available for both Android and iOS – and will cover everything you need to know for your test.


Another important resource that you’ll want to tap into are mock tests. It is easy enough to find driving theory mock tests online that will give you an idea of what to expect. The DVSA app has these as well, and it is certainly worth going through its official questions to see precisely what questions have been asked in past tests.

Learn From Questions and Tests

If you start to take mock tests and official questions, you’ll find that it is a lot more interesting than simply attempting to mug the Highway Code. But for this approach to be effective you need to be sure that you learn from the questions and tests and not just skim over them.

For every question you answer, check whether it is correct or not – and what the correct answer would be if you got it wrong. Keep doing that, and you’ll slowly but surely build up your understanding of the Highway Code – specifically the areas that are likely to appear as questions in your driving test. If you find there are certain questions that you seem to constantly struggle with, it may help to jot down the answers so you can refer to them periodically and learn what you need to know.

By preparing in this manner, you should be well-equipped to sit for the driving theory test. However at some point or other it may be a good idea to read the Highway Code nonetheless. Although it isn’t a necessity in order to pass your test, reading the code and knowing what it contains will make you a far better and safer driver. Ultimately that is going to help a lot – both for your practical test, as well as when you start to drive regular afterwards.