How to replace car keys?

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Most of us don’t realise how valuable our car keys are until we lose them, they get stolen or stop working. The situation becomes more dramatic when you cannot access your car and you are stranded in an inappropriate location, away from your home and working place. However, it’s a very bad idea to become frustrated because of such situation. It’s better to calm down and to think about the possible solutions. Even if you have lost the last copy of your key or it has been broken, you can still get a new one very soon, by calling a 24-hour auto locksmith. Many security specialists can do a car key replacement job right on the spot.


Consider that there are different methods of replacing older and new car keys. If you need a replacement of the older key, first of all, you should find your car’s VIN (Vehicle Identification Number). In most automobiles, the VIN is written on the driver’s side dashboard and you can see it through the window. Then you need to write down the make, model and the year of your vehicle. Afterwards, it’s advisable to find a nearby locksmith who can come soon and who is experienced in changing older car keys.

In case of having a new electronic car key, it’s recommended to check if your vehicle’s insurance or warranty covers key replacement. It’s highly inadvisable trying to fix a car key or lock problems by yourself. It may bring more expenses. It’s a good idea to contact a reliable and proficient car locksmith who can program or replace your keys. Even if you have no problems yet, it’s still a good choice to have a spare key and to be prepared for possible problematic situations.

A lot of new car keys have a chip in them in order to prevent duplication and such keys are called transponders. Car manufacturers started using transponder keys in the 1990’s. The chips inside these keys communicate with the vehicle and in case of putting the wrong key in the ignition, the automobile will not start.

In conclusion, no matter what type of car key do you have, you can get an extra copy and even a new key if you have lost your last one. If you follow the above-mentioned steps, you can get a timely and accurate service.