How to Remove Odors from Your Car

There was a photo circulating the Internet which depicted the way in which women and men take care of their cars. As always, women were portrayed as being messy (which is partially true). But one important thing is that whether man or woman, no one likes having a dirty and smelling car.

Personally I hate odors and even strong scents. Having to deal with something like this in a small space like a car is of course even worse. This is why everyone should know the simplest ways to get rid of the odors that reside in one’s car and leave the air clean and breathable.

Top 5 Hot Tips That Help You Eliminate Odors from Your Car

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1. Fresh coffee grounds – it might sound silly but these little beans can help you get rid of any horrible smell you might have. Simply put a can of fresh coffee grounds inside the car and keep it closed for 24 hours. After that air the car and enjoy riding your car. You shouldn’t throw away the coffee grounds even if it seems like you can’t do anything with them. Instead put them in the flower bed and let your flowers extract the goodness out of them.

2. Vinegar – in order to eliminate the smell of smoke from your car put two towels in two separate plastic bowls. Add white vinegar over them and place them into the car. The best way to divide them is to put one near the ashtray and another one on the backseat. The cigarette odors will be eliminated and your car will be left smell-free. Of course, remember that for this to work you have to stop smoking in the car because if you continue doing it the smoke will never disappear.

3. Charcoal – this is another great substance that absorbs smells and which is constantly used in water and air filters. Simply grab some charcoal (even the ones you use for grilling work perfectly fine) and leave it in the car for a couple of days. The charcoal absorbs the  smells and everyone is happy!

4. Vacuum – don’t expect magic to happen when you use these natural remedies. You also have to make an effort. Vacuum the interior as often as you can. Start from the floor carpet and continue with the car seats, cushions and any other part that might seem incredibly dirty. Use a powerful vacuum and notice how the dirt is absorbed even from the little cracks.  And of course, don’t forget about the trunk!

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5. Deodorize – last but not least, try deodorizing your car using professional products. Choose an odor neutralizer from the gas station or a specialized store. Read the instructions and and follow the steps in a well-ventilated location. Remember that before getting into your car after using a chemical product you should air the car for a maximum of safety. You know what they say: better safe than sorry!