How to Protect Your Child in a Car Accident?


Children are more prone to injuries. It is also difficult for them to recover from serious injuries like if they have a leg injury, it might disturb them for longer in life. It is the most important to protect children in car while travelling. It is the reason people spend a big amount to have baby car seat to keep the children in place and keep them safe. Those seats have belts.

There are lawyers at Johnston Law Firm, P.C. to help you for car accidents but the foremost priority is to take care of the children, right after the accident. First of all, make sure that the seat is safe for your child.

Pick the right baby car seat

The car seat for babies should be preferred first hand. Check the damage and if any of its parts is broken. The best place for the babies is the back seat. Avoid the front seat for the babies. Do not forget the seat and take care of the baby to be in the seat even if you are travelling just to the market. The records tell that most of the accidents happen near the home. So, consider it even if you are going just miles away.

Fasten the seat belt

Make sure that baby is fastened into the seat securely. It is the best way to prevent injuries. The buckle of the baby seat should be strong and fixed in the place. Booster seats have secure buckle to fasten the babies into the seat. If the children are older than being in the baby seat, ask them to sit in the middle of the car and always fasten the seat belt. Become an example by fastening the seat belt every time.

Check for the Injuries

The first thing to look for right after the accident is the injuries. Babies cannot communicate themselves about the injuries so you have to check them carefully. Some injuries are not visible and take time to appear. They start crying out loud in distress and become restless. You might observe after sometime that they are not hearing anything, lost interest in toys and are not eating anything after the incident. Such things need care, so you must check them properly. Take them immediately to the doctor.

You should get the response from the babies and make them calm after the accident. These are the things you should look for, immediately.

·         If they have become unconscious

·         Problems in breathing or shortening or breathe

·         Abnormal hearing, speech or vision

·         Bleeding from mouth

·         Bleeding from nose

·         Lost strength and doing no effort to hold themselves

Forgetting the event

If the accident was really bad, you should make some efforts so the child forgets about the incident. Infants and toddlers can easily forget as their memory is not developed yet. Children older than 2 years can have glimpses of the event in their memory. You might need some help of child physiatrist in this regard.

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