How to Make Your Motorbike Sale-Ready for the Best Price


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When you have made the decision to sell your motorbike, getting the best price is important. Getting your bike ready for the sale is essential for getting the best price. With this information, you will learn some tips that will help to ensure your bike is ready for the sales process so you can get top dollar.

Getting a Fair Price Is Important

Making the decision to sell a beloved motorbike is not always easy. When you have made the decision, it is important you sell for the right offer. Knowing the market value of your motorbike is essential for ensuring you get a fair price. Looking up the Kelly Blue Book value will help you to get a fair idea of how much your bike is worth. You can get the fairest price at American Motorcycle Trading Company.

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Tips for Preparing Your Motorbike for Sale

There are a few tips you can follow to ensure you get the fairest price for your motorbike. The following will help to ensure your bike is ready to be purchased at the best price possible.

1. Has your bike checked out by a licensed mechanic to ensure there are no mechanical issues that need to be repaired before the bike is sold? It is especially important to have the bike checked if it has been sitting in storage for some time.

2. Get all your paperwork together before attempting to sell your motorbike. Make sure you have a clean title, bill of sale, and any receipts for maintenance and repairs. Being able to prove the motorbike is in good shape is vital for getting a fair price.

3. Give your motorbike complete cleaning to ensure it is shiny and beautiful. A little elbow grease and time can make a bike look amazing, even if it is a bit older and has some dings and scratches. Presenting the bike with a clean appearance can make a big difference in the amount you are offered.

4. If interested buyers want to test drive your bike, be careful. Never let anyone test drive without a cash deposit being placed on the bike until they bring it back unharmed.

5. Try to be flexible. Not every interested buyer will have the money right away. If someone can put down a cash deposit, you should try to work with them on the rest of the payment, but never sign the bike over or give them custody until the entire amount has been paid.

Advertising Is Important

Many people do not do enough to advertise their motorbike for sale. There are many free methods of advertising and, depending on the value of your bike, it may be advantageous to seek paid advertising options.

The more you advertise your motorbike, the better the chances of an interested person seeing it and deciding to make a purchase. While you may not sell it right away, your persistence will pay off.


The above tips should help you to prepare your motorbike and ensure it is fully ready for getting the best price. Taking time to gather the paperwork, checking for mechanical issues, and making sure the body looks amazing are all important for getting the best price.

The average sale time for a motorcycle is between two weeks to two months. Be patient and flexible to ensure the best outcome is achieved in your sale.

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