How To Get Your Car Winter Ready

Winter weather can be harsh and unpredictable. It has the ability to catch even the most experienced motorists off guard. It’s important that we all get our car’s prepared for the imminent cold weather. Here are just a few tips, to ensure you and your family are safe to drive this winter.

Have a Winter Service

To give you peace of mind why not take your car in for a winter service? Whilst you can probably do some checks at home, this service will check every aspect of the car to ensure it’s fit to drive. This will include your cars windscreen, wipers, tyres and lights. They can sort out any minor issues you have before they become big problems. This can also save you money if you’re driving on a budget.

The service will also check to see if your battery needs replacing. The cold weather and increased use of the cars heaters and lights put strain on the battery. This can cause it to go flat, which is not ideal if you need to get to work. Most local garages will offer winter checks. Try and get your service before the bad weather begins.


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When driving in adverse weather conditions you must have car insurance. Particularly one that has breakdown cover. You don’t want to get stranded in bad weather if your car won’t start. When the roads are slippy, accidents can happen. It’s just best to get yourself covered should the worst happen. To find out more visit ComparaEnCasa, for some brilliant comparative deals.

Pack A BreakDown Kit

Breakdowns never happen at convenient places. If there is bad traffic it could ages before somebody can come to get you. There have also been instances where motorists have spent the night in their car, due to bad snow. So creating your own handy breakdown kit is a great idea. Some essential items would be food and drink and blankets to keep you warm. Other items might include a torch, hi-visibility jacket, anti-freeze and a scraper. You also don’t know how long you will be there for some pack a book or magazines to keep you entertained while you wait. A portable battery charger may also be useful to keep your mobile phone fully charged.

Keep your breakdown kit in the boot of your car or underneath one of the seats. Anywhere you can access it easily is fine.

Careful Planning

It can be daunting driving in winter weather. It the weather warnings predict hazardous conditions, plan your journey accordingly. Give yourself plenty of time to reach your destination to avoid unnecessary speeding and rushing. Always remember to bring a Sat Nav or map with you, even if you know the route well. Certain roads may be closed due to the bad weather, so it’s good to have a backup route too.

There you have it. A few simple ways to put your mind at rest this winter. If you follow each step it will fill you with confidence and make your car winter ready in no time.

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