How To Find The Perfect Family Car

Anyone in the market for a new family car needs to make their decision carefully. Most parents use the family car every single day for a wide range of trips, including taking the kids to school, driving to work, going food shopping, taking the kids to their friend’s house and many other types of journeys. As such an important part of the family and daily routine, you need to make sure that you take the time to find the right vehicle and one which will be up to the tough task of being the family car. These are the main considerations to make:


The first thing to do is to work out how much money you can afford to spend – in addition to the price-tag, keep in mind that there will be running costs including fuel, road tax and insurance to cover. The used car market is a good place to shop because you can find more affordable cars and get more for your money while avoiding depreciation.


You then need to think about what the car will be used for – this will help you to filter your results and come up with a category of automobiles and you can then look into the best cars in this class. You will need to think about:

  • How many people you typically take in the car
  • How much storage space you need
  • Whether you will be driving in a city or on the motorway
  • Accessibility
  • If you plan on adding to your family anytime soon
  • Pets


Three-doors may be cheaper, but these can be frustrating, particularly when trying to put in/take out a car seat for a baby. This is why it is much better to go for a five-door and to make sure that it comes with a child-lock feature.


As mentioned, it is likely that you will be relying on this car on a daily basis and to find the best-built cars you need to opt for the most reliable brands, like Ford. You should then find an approved Ford dealership so that you can find a family car that ticks all of the boxes and allows you to avoid going with a private seller (which can be dangerous).


Seeing as you are likely to use the car on a regular basis, it is a good idea to find one which is fuel-efficient. In addition to reducing your environmental impact (which is hugely important in this day and age), this can also help you to save on the running costs of the car. You could also look into a hybrid/electric which could help you to make huge savings.


Safety is an important factor for any type of motorist but particularly for parents. When shopping for a car, you should look to see what Euro NCAP crash rating it has and also look out for the latest safety tech, such as:

These are the key considerations to make when in the market for a new family car. It is important that you take your time so that you can find a vehicle that will fit in seamlessly with your family’s lifestyle and be a car that you can rely on each day.

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