How to do a vehicle safety check before a long journey


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If you’re preparing for a long journey in your car, then it’s wise to plan your trip ahead of time in order to reduce the stresses. Far too many drivers set off without even the basic of safety checks, with an estimated three-quarters of drivers admitting that they set off on long journeys without completing any kind of preparation beforehand. Don’t fall into that category. Reduce stress and even danger by carrying out a safety check and ensure that not only is your vehicle as safe as possible, but also that you have made preparations just in case of a breakdown. Being prepared is the best way to speed up any issues, and your journey will be a lot smoother if you dedicate some before setting off to these essential safety checks.


Step One – Oil

Without oil, your car engine will not remain lubricated, which can not only cause long-term damage to your car but also cause a breakdown very quickly. The good news is that it is very easy to check and refill your oil levels, and this should be done on a regular basis. If you’re planning a long journey, then checking your oil should be your first step.

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Step Two – Tires

Never underestimate the importance of your tires. There are legal requirements when it comes to the tire pressure and the depth of your tread, so check your state laws and make sure that you are compliant. From a safety standpoint, there’s very little that is as important to check than your tires, so make sure that they have adequate pressure and that there are no bald patches or worn areas. Replace the tires is necessary.

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Step Three – Lights

Other drivers need to be able to see you on the road and know your intentions when it comes to maneuvers. Make sure that your visibility is at maximum levels by ensuring that every light on your vehicle is working. Replace any lights that don’t work. There are fines for those with broken or faulty lights, so checking your lights is a good idea for both safety and for legal protection.

Step Four – Trailer

Everything that you do for your car, you’re going to need to do for your trailer as well. Too many drivers carry out safety and maintenance checks on their vehicle and then hitch a trailer without a thought to its specific requirements. Check your brakes, lights, and axles, and if you spot any trouble areas then buy some replacement trailer parts and make sure that everything works before you set off.

Step Five – Windscreen washer fluid

Visibility is essential on all journeys in your car, but especially when it comes to those long drives. Keeping your washer fluid topped up is very easy to do but also very easy to neglect as non-essential. Keep your windscreen as clear from dirt and debris as much as possible throughout your journey and you’ll be considerably safer.

Preparing your vehicle for a long journey is the only way to provide the maximum guarantee that your driving plans go well. No matter where you’re driving to or what the weather will be like when you get there, these simple preparations will go a long way to ensuring that you have the journey you plan rather than the journey from hell.