How to Change a Tyre on a Car


Wanting to learn how to replace a car tyre and ensure that your vehicle is safe to drive? Follow these steps!

How to Change a Tyre on a Car

If you notice that the tyres on your vehicle have become flat whilst driving, it can be a scary experience; especially when you consider the potentially dangerous effects of driving on a worn or flat tyre.

However, changing your tyres can be done easily once you’ve found a safe location. It can be completed by yourself and doesn’t usually require the attention of a car mechanic.

In order to do this, follow the steps outlined below and you’ll be ready to safely drive again in a matter of minutes.


Does my tyre need replacing?

If there are no visible punctures or slashes in your current tyres, you may falsely believe that they are safe to drive on. However, all tyres that are being driven in the UK must meet the legal requirements.

The law explains that all road tyres must have a minimum depth of 1.6mm in the tread across the central three-quarters of the tyres’ circumference. If you’re unable to measure this, roll a 20p coin inside the tread depth. If you’re unable to see the outer rim of the coin, it means that you should be ready to replace them.

Effects of driving on worn tyres

Repeatedly driving on worn-down tyres can be extremely dangerous and could be the root cause of multiple faults with your car such as those with your suspension, brake lines and wheel itself.

If your tyres aren’t meeting the minimum legal requirements, you are also much more likely to be involved in a brake-related incident such as a collision. This is because the tyre will not have enough tread to grip to the road surface and brake safely, in time.

Equipment required

When you originally purchased your car, you should have confirmed that the following equipment is included. If not, you may be unable to replace the tyre whilst on the move:

  • Your vehicle manual
  • A lifting jack
  • A high quality spare tyre
  • A wheel wrench

Safely changing the tyre

The most important thing to consider when changing your tyre is the location. It must be safe to leave the vehicle (hence why changing a tyre should never be completed on a motorway!), and the ground below must be safe and sturdy in order to support the jack.

  1. Remove the wheel trims and/or covers that are limiting access to the tyre
  2. Place the wheel wrench onto the locking nuts to slightly loosen them
  3. Use the jack to lift the vehicle, ensuring that the tyre you’re replacing is completely off the floor
  4. Take off the old tyre and replace with the new one
  5. Loosely re-apply the locking wheel nuts
  6. Slowly lower the vehicle down and remove the jack
  7. Tightly screw the locking wheel nuts using the wrench and put on the trims
  8. Dispose of the old tyre by recycling and find a replacement

As you can see, changing the tyre on your car doesn’t have to be complicated. Once you’ve got all of the equipment it can be completed a matter of minutes, leaving you able to safely drive away in no time at all.