How to Buy Your First Motocross motorbike


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There’s more to selecting your first MX bike than simply picking one that appeals to you visually. In this article we cover the important aspects of selecting a motocross motorcycle.

 Your First Motocross Motorcycle

Buying your first motocross motorcycle can be a daunting task. If your knowledge of the sport and MX bikes in particular is limited you’re going to have to rely on a combination of research, dealer input and advice from others with practical experience. You’ll have to balance everything you learn against your goals while being careful not to delude yourself into thinking checkered flags await as soon as you take delivery of your bike.

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First Motocross Motorcycle Buying Tips

Learning to ride the bike safely and effectively is going to take time. As long as you’re willing to admit that, the sky’s the limit. Here are some things to consider when getting your first motorcycle.

  •        Your budget– Be realistic about motorcycle costs. Determine how much you can realistically afford and what is the best way for you to pay for your new bike. If you’re financing the bike keep in mind that most financial institutions won’t sign on for a used bike. Above all, be sure to leave some money for the rest of your life or you’ll start resenting your MX bike.
  •        Dirt bike engine sizes– Even if you’re a healthy young person taming an MX bike can be like breaking a horse. If you’ve never ridden an MX bike before a 450 is going to present a slew of unnecessary problems and risks right out of the gate. It’s important to learn how to handle a motocross bike first before you decide whether you need more in terms of motorcycle cc.
  •        2-stroke or 4-stroke?– Once manufacturers figured out how to make larger, 4-stroke engines work within the confines of the track 2-strokes began to fade away. In recent years however, the 2-stroke has staged something of a comeback as riders began to miss their many benefits. Those benefits include lower cost, less maintenance and a bike that’s lighter and more agile. Benefits that sound a lot like what a first time rider should be looking for.
  •        The look of your bikeMotocross graphics can turn even the oldest, most hard-bitten bike into a thing of beauty. When you purchase first class graphics for your bike – whether it’s new or used – you’re stating in no uncertain terms that you’re in this for the long haul. You’ll turn heads and garner immediate positive attention when you trip your bike out with the right graphics.
  •        Your mechanical ability– If you’re not really much of a mechanic then it’s not really a good idea to make your first motocross motorcycle a used one. Older bikes are going to break down far more frequently. So unless you have the mechanical wherewithal to make constant repairs on the fly you’re better off buying a new bike that’s more reliable.
  •        Do you have the right safety equipment?– Owning a motorcycle means taking the inherent dangers seriously. Motocross riders need the best helmets, knee and shin guards, the right boots, riding gloves and of course we can’t forget motocross jerseys. Your jersey protects you from sun, wind and rain. It shields you when you fall and provides an extra layer of protection against mud, dirt and debris kicked up by other riders.

Other things to keep in mind include electric or kick start, dealer support, warranties and how much time you believe you will actually be committing to motocross riding.


The bottom line is that your first motocross motorcycle should satisfy all your financial, mechanical and safety needs while also providing you with a viable entry into the world of MX. Learning about motorcycles can take time. Don’t be in a hurry and keep the above tips on how to buy a motocross motorcycle in mind.