How the TekmetricAuto Shop Software Can Improve Your Appointment Scheduling


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According to there were 268.8 million vehicles on American roads in 2016. This means that regardless of the state you are in, your auto shop could potentially handle dozens of customers per day. Your administration team is kept busy with phone calls and walk-ins to schedule appointments for future dates. The staff must be careful not to overbook to ensure that all customers receive a satisfactory service. This can be difficult when there is no efficient system in place, especially when it comes to handling high workloads. An auto shop can compromise the integrity of their business and lose both new and existing customers due to an outdated and faulty appointment scheduling system. Here is why it’s important that you jump on the digital bandwagon with the Tekmetric auto shop software.


Increases efficiency

When a customer walks into your auto shop with a major car problem, and your mechanics are too swamped to fix it on the spot, your staff are then required to check the appointment book to find the most convenient future date available. The same applies if you are already dealing with a customer who requires extra services. If there is an efficient method in place (like auto shop software) to schedule appointments, your staff has the ability to do so quickly and effectively to ensure that your customers are satisfied.

Reduce mistakes

You count on your staff to manually schedule appointments into the system. But this creates the opportunity for the human error of accidently double booking or cancelling appointments. This results in dissatisfied, angry customers; an efficient management system eliminates this problem. Reminders are sent out automatically which reduces the need for phone calls; additionally, it reduces the risk of customers or staff getting times or dates mixed up.

Decreases no shows

Calling customers to remind them of their appointments is not only time consuming, but it is an ineffective method of ensuring that appointments are kept. Customers are likely to forget about appointments for several reasons. Sending out reminders provides them with the opportunity to cancel or reschedule, which allows you to fill cancelled slots.

The good news is that you can avoid such problems with a system that will assist you in effectively scheduling appointments. If you want to provide your customers with the service they deserve, hassle free appointment scheduling is essential. The Tekmetric auto shop software provides you with the ability to:

  • Quickly give customers options for available appointment dates.
  • Provide appointment reminders prior to the due date through text or email.
  • Stop using manual appointment books
  • Streamline customer appointments

Your customers are the backbone of your organization, without them, your company won’t survive. If you are not efficiently manoeuvring your customers in and out the door, something is not quite right.


Tekmetric wants to assist you in enhancing the customer experience, so they are providing an excellent FREE SERVICE with their auto shop software available to you for the rest of 2018.