How the Honda Civic Thrives During the SUV Craze

Honda Civic SI

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The Honda Civic is a best selling vehicle despite the fact that car sales in the U.S. are at an all-time low.  2022 represents a complete redesign, and it will be interesting to see if the recent changes alter its appeal to tuners. 

Used Civic are often chosen for tuning upgrades among enthusiasts. That’s probably a small part of why the car is on the best-selling used car list.  In fact, it’s only one of three actual cars on the list where trucks and SUVs dominate.

The US compact car market has shrunk as big manufacturers, such as Ford, have stopped offering cars in favor of SUVs.  Still the Honda Civic soldiers on in the new car marketplace. It is one of only two actual cars on the best-selling new car list. The SUV craze, along with the desire for pickup trucks, has pushed traditional cars out of the popularity contest.

Recent sales figures show 1 in 4 compact cars sold being a new Civic. The manufacturer credits the car’s success over the last six years to millennial, Gen-Z, first-time, and multicultural buyers. Buyers are more likely to mention the affordable price point and high residual values, as confirmed by J.D. Power.  

2022 Civic Pros and Cons

The 2022 Civic can’t count on glamor or style as the main selling point. Still, the sporty update doesn’t lack curb appeal.  The interior doesn’t seek to impress, but the quality is good.  Engineers have arranged the driver’s cockpit for comfort and ergonomics. Suitable infotainment and driver assistance technology is a major part of how the 2022 Civic earns its price.  

The roomier cabins of Honda SUVs are desirable, but the Civic seeks to compete by becoming more spacious. Engineers squeezed in more legroom on the second row where it counts the most.  And when compared to small Honda SUVs, it has decent cargo space.

No one calls this car a performance vehicle. However, for its size, it provides engaging handling and a comfortable ride.  Civic buyers, already trying to save money by choosing the car, can expect low ownership costs with the fuel efficient engines.  

Used Civics Are a Favorite With Tuners

The Honda Civic is a popular choice for tuners. Many hobbyists swap out the stock engine for a higher horsepower option like a B or K series engine.

The options for aftermarket performance upgrades for the Civic are impressive. Hundreds of mods increase HP while being fun and relatively easy to install. It is not unheard of for some Civics to achieve 1,800 horsepower or more.

As for curb appeal, there are also countless custom body kits, wing panels, hoods, and doors to give the Civic an even sleeker, sportier look than the stock model.

Finally, thanks to the popularity of the Civic, it is easy to find parts and services for the vehicle with many local stores and mechanics available to work on them.  This last point seems unlikely to change if the new Civic stays on the bestseller list.

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