How Is The Automotive Industry Changing


If you look back to where the automotive industry started, then you’ll realise how much it has changed. We now have the highest powered cars we’ve ever had, and it just keeps changing at an alarming rate. The engineering and technology that now goes into cars is just incredible. Whilst a lot of it is making things cooler, it’s also making it safer at the same time. It is even more exciting to see some of the cars that are going to grace our presence this year. The speed, design, and power is all just growing at an exponential rate. But this wouldn’t be without learning from the mistakes of the past. It isn’t just in the factory that things are changing. Out on the road we’re seeing the laws and regulations affecting how we are as drivers, often for the better. So to outline to you how the automotive industry is changing we’ve put together a few points for you.


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The Technology

Technology is a wonderful thing no matter what walk of life you relate it to. The strides we’ve made as a whole have been amazing. But none more so than in cars. Manufacturers are kitting cars out with absolutely everything now. Gone is the marvel of transitioning from windy down windows to electric ones. We’re talking massive strides now. The first we’re going to talk about is the safety that has improved. So much research has been done into the crumple zones of cars and the effectiveness of airbags. All done through computer systems and technology. So the newer 2017/18 models that are out now are changing the game in terms of that. You’re now so much more likely to survive a head on collision that you would have been five years ago. Something else they’re actually putting in the car is neat little gadgets like self parking cars. It might be a bit lazy of us, but parking can sometimes be a nightmare. Trusting a car to do it for you is also a bit nerve wracking. But if the technology has been tested and installed you have to trust it. It just might be wise to do it when there’s hardly anyone around just in case it does malfunction slightly. Something that again, is protecting your safety, is driverless car technology. Yes, it might have a long way to go, but what it can do at the minute is absolutely amazing. It has already predicted crashes which engages an automatic braking system before the crash even happens. So already we can see it is going to make a big difference in the automotive world.

The Dangers

The dangers of driving have never changed. But they seem to be getting worse as cars get more powerful. People used to have more respect for the roads, but lately we’re just seeing reckless driving creeping up in numbers. Car accidents lawyers are reporting such an alarming increase in accidents that cause harm or death by dangerous driving. Dangerous driving could mean you’re doing absolutely anything. Speeding, finding something out your bag on the back seat, or even not wearing a seatbelt. The list could literally go on forever. There’s also the added complication that so many drivers are now on the roads, and the roads don’t seem to be getting any bigger. People are getting aggravated from the traffic and congested roads, anger leads to stupid decisions. There is the worry that there’s only so much expanding of the roads that you can do. Hopefully in the future a solution will be found. The danger of the power and speed cars have now is also worrying. It is one of the main reasons we’re seeing so many deaths each year. The faster the car, the more danger it brings. People are obviously going to test the limits of their car on the main roads, where else is there for them to go? But cars are only going to get faster so something needs to be done to ensure safety is always being put first.

The Competition

Competition between different car manufacturers is one of the reason why cars are being produced at an alarming rate. The way in which they’re changing is also due to the competition. People are obviously going to go for the more flashy car with the bigger engine. When one manufacturer produces something amazing, the rest follow suit. The cycle continues until we end up with super cars with power like we’ve never seen. The competition is sometimes not a health thing however. Manufacturing gets rushed and corners get cut. Just think back to the scandal of Volkswagen releasing cars that had their CO2 emissions test rigged to pass it, when really the emission were over the limit. This might not do any damage to us, but it does to our environment. Then there’s the cars that seem to break down more than they stay on the road. If a little more time was taken on the production line rather than trying to get as many cars out as possible this might all be prevented. But more often than not the competition is a good thing. The improvements in safety and technology that can aid driving is just amazing. Even though accident rates are still so high, there are strides being done to make sure that this number drops within the next few years. The only thing with competition is that we’re now losing sight of what a true car should be. Think of the amazing American muscle cars are like. That natural roar of the engine is what so many of these supercars are now missing. The rugged old school look of a car is now changing. Granted, there are some super cool futuristic designs being produced that resemble the batmobile. But sometimes it would be good to see and hear a true bit of car again.

So there you go, ways in which the future of the automotive industry is being shaped. With some of the things being introduced this year, we’re so excited to see what the future holds.