How HiyaCar Is Making Car-Sharing Easy


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In most major cities around the world, including London, transportation is usually a major issue to deal with. If you own a car, you might not get to use it as often as you like because you take public transportation to work as a result of the traffic situation or other factors.

HiyaCar intends to make it possible for people to make some money from their cars that are not in use at particular points in time. Basically a peer-to-peer system, it offers all the flexibility that comes with the sharing economy, but also the security and reliability of a somewhat centralised system.

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Benefits for Car Owners

The first thing that is likely to come to your mind when you hear about the sharing economy is the flexibility it brings with it, and HiyaCar definitely does not disappoint. The system does not tie car owners down with any commitments and they are free to determine when they want to hire out their cars.

You can choose what rate to set for the hire without any interference from the system, and when you get a response requesting to hire your car, HiyaCar allows you to accept or reject the offer after you view the hirer’s details.

Apart from the flexibility, putting up your car on HiyaCar has been made to be a very secure process in terms of the risks associated with giving your car over to the custody of another person. The company has made a custom insurance arrangement with some of the biggest insurance providers, covering any sort of damage that could be done to your vehicle.

Even though a car might be under an insurance policy already, the policy would be overridden by that of the company, so you can be certain that any issues will be handled properly without you having to deal with the insurance company directly.

Benefits for Car Hirers

The normal practice when you need to rent a car in London is to patronise a car hire company, but there are a variety of issues associated with that. The HiyaCar model has solved many of those problems and made itself much more beneficial for hirers.

First, it brings an immense variety and scope of choices. When you sign in to hire, you are presented with the cars that have been made available by their owners in your local area, thus ensuring that you can find one and get to it without much hassle.

The cost is another reason why HiyaCar is such a big boon for hirers. Unlike conventional car hire companies that have a lot of overhead to pay, which they pass onto their customers, the owners of the cars on HiyaCar only have to pay minimal fees to the company as well as routine vehicle maintenance.

This means that their prices will be less than what you would be offered at a car hire company, thus ensuring that you can have the trip you’ve wanted for a long time without being overly worried about the cost.