How Can Young Drivers Get Cheap Car Insurance?


Apparently today you have to pay a huge price for being young. It is not enough that people often look down on you simply because you don’t have experience. Now you also have to pay in cash for daring to own a car and for wanting to pay its insurance.

The statistics say that young drivers are more prone to cause accidents and make a claim to their insurance company. So, you will not be able to ignore costs but you might find some ways to diminish them.

5 Ways to Pay Less for Car Insurance

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1. Rip the bandage – you know how people tell you that it’s better to rip the bandage from the first try? Quick and painful! Well the same should happen here. Try to pay per year and not per month. Yes, it will seem like a huge sum at first (because it is) but on the long term it will get you to pay less. You will avoid the monthly interest charges and actually save money for other cool accessories.

2. Compare quotes – before making a decision compare the quotes offered by different companies. You can do this very simple by going online. It would be a great idea to start soon and check the way in which the quotes of various companies differ over a long period of time (a year or so).

3. Discounts – being young might have its advantages after all. There are lots of companies that will offer students discounts when purchasing their insurance. They offer discounts for getting good grades or for completing and passing an education course for drivers. Here you can discover more information about available discounts.

4. Multi car insurance plan – you can benefit from lots of advantages if there is more than one vehicle in the household.  There are certain insurance companies (Admiral, Direct Line) which offer multi car insurances with plenty of benefits (no claims bonuses).

5. Diminish risks – there are other insurance companies which give cheaper prices if you add security features (alarms, immobiliser, etc.). Parking your car in a covered garage will also influence the price of the insurance since it is considered to be safer than parking your car on the street. Don’t forget that it’s the little things that make the difference!

These tips will help young drivers pay less for car insurance. And with an impeccable driving style, the prices will keep on dropping in time! Good luck!