Hofele GLS – Press Release


The German Tuning company HOFELE-Design has been modifying and producing special editions of some of the world’s premium automotive brands including Mercedes-Benz for over 30 years. Their latest creation is based on the Mercedes-Benz GLS, taking a rather standard looking GLS 400 and making it a much more exciting and exclusive, mixing aggressive AMG type exterior styling with an interior inspired by the Maybach.

Firstly, let’s look at the exterior, the front bumper may look similar to the style fitted to the top of the range GLS AMG 63 but a completely new product was required to facilitate fitting to the non-AMG versions and is fitted with additional high quality Carbon Fiber inserts. The AMG inspired look continues to the fender trims and at the rear special attention has been paid to the exhaust and valance.

HOFELE stylish logo badges add a ‘touch of class’ to the overall exterior package.

Rear styling carries over the AMG style. Optional larger rear spoilers and Carbon Fiber trim are available from HOFELE, but we like this subtle look.

Clever use of real Carbon Fiber styling details give the exterior of this HOFELE GLS a much more purposeful performance look without being too aggressive.  Styling is Elegant as well as sporty.

HOFELE has fitted this vehicle with their ‘FINA Y-design 10 J x 22” alloy wheels but other HOFELE designs available.

Think the exterior looks Good, have a look at the exclusive HOFELE luxury interior. Inspired by the Maybach with Perforated and quilted NAPPA leather complete with Double Diamond stitching. This is really special converting the already beautiful Mercedes-Benz interior into something usually only found in Bentleys and Rolls Royce.

The attention to detail is exceptional….

This luxurious HOFELE leather can be completed in your choice of Nappa leather. HOFELE tell us the next car is now in production and the customer has ordered it with bespoke red leather supplied by Aston Martin. We look forward to seeing that… and we hope to bring you more news from HOFELE soon..