Hitting the road: Some top tips for buying a first car

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Whether you are treating yourself to your first set of wheels or looking to surprise a family member, buying a first car can be an exciting time. Hitting the road on your own for the first time is a big step and the decision regarding which car to buy can have a huge impact on how it goes.

Here we look at a few top tips for buying a first car.

  1. Be modest

If you’ve got a good chunk of money at your disposal, it can be tempting to jump straight in with your dream car. This isn’t always a smart idea, however, and more often than not it pays to be modest.

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Beyond mastering the physical task of learning to drive a car, there are a great many things to learn when you first hit the road. From fuel consumption to motor maintenance, there are bound to be a few learning curves to overcome during your first months. Usually it is wise to start off with something simple, saving the joy of a dream ride for the years to come.

  1. Consider insurance

Motorists with little experience can often expect to pay a higher price for their insurance. While the price does come down quickly for careful drivers, it remains a worthy criterion when selecting your first car.

When you’re looking at different models, it’s a good idea to get some quotes from More Than car insurance who are known for being affordable. Insurance costs are another compelling argument for starting with something modest as a more economical and smaller car will incur lower premiums than a higher powered model.

  1. Research reliability

When you’re in the market for an affordable car, it’s not only the price tag which you should consider but also the forecast for future costs. If you invest in something unreliable, you can expect some hefty mechanics’ bills somewhere down the line not to mention a fair share of stress. Check out the reliability index to see how your prospective vehicles measure up.

  1. Think about resale value

While it can be wise to look for something modest as your first set of wheels, it’s perfectly understandable to be looking to upgrade when you’ve settled into driving. This means that you should be looking forward to selling your vehicle at some point.

Certain brands and models of car are well known for holding their value well over the years. If you don’t give enough thought to the resale value, you could well end up out of pocket when the time comes to look for something new.