Hero Xtreme 160R vs TVS ache RTR 160 – top-end performance test

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Hero MotoCorp did a fantastic job with the Xtreme 160R. We were very impressed with this bike when we got there checked it last year. It has the looks, features, and performance to give its rivals a good fight. Speaking of that Hero Xtreme 160R is in direct competition with the TVS hurt RTR 160, one of the established models in the segment. Which of these two bikes has a better peak performance? The following video tries to answer this question.

The video shows a top-end performance test between the Hero Xtreme 160R and the TVS ache RTR 160. Two long drag races are carried out. On the first try, the pain quickly comes off the brand and takes the lead. It further increases the g and reaches a top speed of 124 km / h in a few seconds, leaving the Xtreme behind, which could reach 118 km / h. For the second run, the riders change motorcycles. Here, too, the RTR 160 takes responsibility. While the Xtreme 160R tries very hard, it just couldn’t keep up with the TV.

The Ache RTR 160 is slightly more powerful than the Xtreme 160R. The former has a maximum power of 15.52 hp and a maximum torque of 13.9 Nm, while the latter has 15 hp and 14 Nm. The following is the data sheet for both motorcycles.

Engine specifications Hero Xtreme 160R TVS hurt RTR 160
Art 4-stroke, air-cooled, 2-valve 4-stroke, air-cooled, 2-valve
shift 163cc 159.7 cc
maximum power 15PS at 8500 rpm 15.52 hp at 8400 rpm
maximum torque 14 Nm at 6500 rpm 13.9 Nm at 7000 rpm
transmission 5-speed 5-speed

If we talk about weight, the Xtreme 160R tips the scales at 139.5 kg. On the other hand, the pain RTR 160 weighs 140 kg.

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Dimensions Hero Xtreme 160R TVS hurt RTR 160
length 2029mm 2085 mm
width 793 mm 730mm
height 1052 mm 1105mm
wheelbase 1327mm 1300mm
Seat height 790mm 790mm
Ground clearance 167mm 180mm
Empty weight 138.5 kg (single disc), 139.5 kg (double disc) 139 kg (single disc), 140 kg (double disc)

In terms of prices, both bikes come in two flavors – Single Disc and Dual Disc. There is a slight difference in price between them. A table follows for reference.

Hero Xtreme 160R TVS hurt RTR 160
variant Price* variant Price*
Single disc INR 1,03,900 Single disc 1,02,070
Dual disc INR 1,06,950 Dual disc 1,05,070

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* Ex showroom, Delhi


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