Happy Father’s Day – Tell it Differently This Year

This month is dedicate to our fathers; the men who taught us how to drive, how to change a tire, how to get over our first crush or our first hangover. We’ve shared so many great moments with our fathers so we should at least give them the chance to feel special with some unique gifts.

#DearDad is the mark of a wonderful campaign that celebrates the beginning of a collaboration between Vauxhall and Webuyanycar.

What do you have to do?

Share a photo of your dad and his Vauxhall. New or old, it doesn’t matter. Next to this, put the reason why you think he deserves a special Father’s Day this year.

Photo source: redwaterrestaurantgroup.com
Photo source: redwaterrestaurantgroup.com

How to enter?

There are three social media branches that can be used in order to get into the race for winning the prize:

1. Facebook – get on Facebook and upload the lucky photo that will make your father proud. And don’t forget to give the reason why your father should win.

2. Instagram – use the same procedure for Instagram but don’t forget to follow @webuyanycardotcom and @vauxhallmotors, using the hashtag #DearDad and tagging us in the photo description.

3. Twitter – last but not least, follow @webuyanycar and @vauxhall and send a tweet with the photo you believe has more chances of winning. Don’t forget the hashtag #DearDad.

What’s the prize?

There are three main prizes in line for the Father of the Year: two Father’s Day hampers and the opportunity to win four tickets to the Goodwood Festival of Speed on June 27th. Just imagine: you and your dad making the best out of a guys’ night seeing the best supercars and the craziest races. Boy, I do feel jealous on who’s going to win these tickets.

The winners for the two hampers will be announced on June 15th and June 22nd while the winner of the tickets will be announced on June 23rd at 11:00. You can read more about the terms and conditions of the competition on Facebook.

What are you waiting for? Start uploading a photo of your dad with a new or old Vauxhall, write the reason why he should win and use the hashtag #DearDad. Good luck and may the most loved father win!