Hanzo rims by DOTZ

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The new Hanzo DOTZ rim is just as sharp as the blades of the great Japanese armorer. And after being installed, it plays a heroic main role, without hiding cowardly between the tyre rubber.

Strength and invincibility: The Hanzo by DOTZ is a massive, one-piece rim, the aggressive appearance of which makes the viewers spine tingle. The design of the five spokes is reminiscent of a curved Samurai sword and immediately catches the eye. Like a weapon that is customised to the fighter, the Hanzo wheel shows for whom it is rolling: Through the replaceable hub caps in yellow, orange, green and silver, which indicate the respective size of the wheel in inches, the Hanzo is even more individual than other rims. In addition to the hub caps, the sets also include DOTZ inlays for the spokes and attractive DOTZ stickers for windows or paintwork.

Hanzo rims by DOTZ

The wheel is as timeless as the Kamishimo coat of a Samurai. A strong appearance is guaranteed: Particularly impressive on the DOTZ Hanzo is the striking contrast of the spokes with the mat black base paint and the high-gloss polished surface. A wheel that is as perfect as the cut of a Hanzo sword.

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