Hamann Stallion 911 Turbo Tuning

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Porsche 911 Turbo was already one of the fastest, best-performing sport cars on the road, but there is Hamann – who’ve tuned everything from the MINI Cooper to the Ferrari 612 Scaglietti – come in to confound expectations and shatter assumptions.

Hamann Stallion 911 Turbo Tuning

Not satisfied with “only” 480 horsepower, the Hamann Stallion packs a whopping 630 of its namesakes. To achieve that 150hp boost in output, Hamann swapped out the variable nozzle turbochargers and replaced them with… bigger variable nozzle turbochargers. They’ve also fitted a new stainless steel exhaust, a new air filter and, of course, tinkered with the ECU. But they didn’t stop at the engine.

Hamann also chopped the roof down by 8 cm (about two and a half inches), bolted on a new aero kit and fitted huge 20-inch three-piece modular rims. They’ve also done up the interior in ostrich skin, applied some racing stripes and put new Lamborghini Style Doors.

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