At the beginning of 2007, Hamann prepared an aerodynamic kit for Mini R56. After a year and a half, tuner complete package tuning engines with improvements to the model class small.

Hamann Mini Cooper R56
Hamann Mini Cooper R56

In the case of Cooper S Hamann unit control and power grew 1.6 turbo engines from 175 HP to 204 HP and 300 Nm. More than that, Hamann offers a kit and more powerful Cooper S. Named SPORTKIT CS 230, it consists of an upgrade ECU an improved intercooler and a drum sport. Such power is obtained maximum situated at 230 HP and 330 Nm. As a result, top speed has increased up to 238 km / h and acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h is accomplished in just 6.6 seconds.
For Cooper D which normally has 110 HP, Hamann offers a growing power of 26 HP, having now 136 HP and 300 Nm.

Hamann Mini Cooper R56
Hamann Mini Cooper R56

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