Great Mods For A Gnarlier Pickup



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The pickup truck is a staple of North American culture, and I’m sure you’ll agree there’s no other type of vehicle with such a great combination of practicality and sheer fun! If you’ve recently bought a pickup, I’m sure you don’t want it looking, sounding and driving like all the others on the road, right? Here’s a list of some of the best aftermarket mods to consider…

Exhaust Systems

A lot of the most popular models of pickup trucks have huge, powerful engines under the hood. Despite this, many of them come out of the factory with exhaust systems that make them sound like sissies, rather than the powerful, rugged mother truckers they are. By getting your hands on a less restrictive exhaust system and fitting it to your truck, you’ll not only make your truck growl like it was supposed to, but may also increase the vehicle’s overall power and fuel economy. The fatter models are pretty easy on the eyes, too.

Bed Liner


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If you waved away the option of a bed liner when you first purchased your truck, then I’m sorry to tell you you’ve shot yourself in the foot! Having a bed liner is something of a no-brainer, and there are a few different kinds you can choose from. Plastic inserts are a little more versatile, as you can take them out as and when you need to. Alternatively, you can get a permanent spray-on one. Each of these options has its positives and negatives. Occasionally, when you pull the plastic liner out of the bed, it can scratch it, completely undoing the protection you just tried to give it. The spray on ones, on the other hand, offer permanent protection.



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If there’s one part of a pickup truck you simply can’t neglect, it’s the tyres. Yes, the suspension will have a fairly considerable impact on the overall performance of the truck. However, if the tyres you’re using kind of suck, you’ll be screwed when it comes to any off-roading. Get rid of those wimpy stock tyres, and buy something with a little more meat on it! For an extra gnarly look, combine your new tyres with a set of new fender flares from a brand like Bushwacker. The only downside to fitting beefier tyres is that the extra rotating mass can bring down your mpg rate.

Bed Extender

Seen as you’re reading this, I’ll assume you’re one those nuts who occasionally needs more than the standard 8 feet of bed space. Maybe you want to take a pair of dirt bikes or jet skis with you on one of your trucking adventures! Whatever you’ve got going on over the weekend, a good bed extender will give you a decent amount of extra space, without the risk of your stuff tumbling out of the bed while you’re driving along the highway!

If looking at all the pickup mods on the market has left you feeling spoiled for choice, any one of these certainly won’t disappoint!