Great C70 SAAB-BAIC Comes at Bejing Motor Show

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The 2012 Beijing Motor Show is exposing its models at rapid pace and all we can do is try to keep up with them.

And since it is Bejing, we have a genuine Chinese car, beautifully remodelled. Its name is C70 and it is a SAAB model adapted by Beijing Auto (BAIC) who has recently has announced its purchase of SAAB 9-3 and 9-5 production´s  rights.

The old model is now standing on a new platform, called M-trix (pretty ingenious) and from what we´ve understood, it will be joined by 3 other vehicles with the same platform:C50 & C60 sedans and the C51X CUV.

There are no major differences between this B class vehicle and other American equivalents (Toyota, Hyundai Sonata etc.), so we can´t be very excited about that, but we have seen an electric version of the C70. So good things are happening, but at a slower rate.

The producion for this model it is supposed to start with September this year, while the electric version will actually appear on the market, at the end of this year.

Very good !