Going to New Jersey? Buy a Great Car!

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While in highschool I learnt that there will always be a place or a person that can sell anything. And I do mean anything! When we wanted something it was this guy Al who was always available and brought us everything we needed. This probably prepared us for the future where we also go to one or two places to find everything we want.

The place that I am talking about can be the site also known as Craigslist. Since our main topic is represented by cars (tuned, used, cheap etc.) we are going to explore a little bit the option of buying cars for sale and especially by owner, in New Jersey (NJ).

Don’t be scared, New Jersey is the first out of a series of state which we will deal with. So, the Garden State has plenty of cars for sale by owner and offers various models to choose from. And although we can find many sites that give similar information regarding the range of cars, Craigslist is one of the favorites.

Here you can find cars from New Jersey and of the surroundings so that if you find something that you like you can be sure to reach it in a minimum amount of time. This can also help you avoid any scams or fraud which may appear when you are looking for vehicles outside the state. Be smart about it and do business locally!

Next to that, you can select the price you are looking for, the type of body car, the brand or the year. Easy as that you will find the car of your needs and get in touch directly with the owner. At a simple search we can see cars as old as 1994 and almost brand new ones from 2011.

Let’s give it a try. Say that I am looking for a tuned BMW (since it is so fashionable). I just press search on BMW and I get some good results. I find a car from 2000, 540i, 156k miles for $5500. The mileage is good, (not great), the pictures show me a good, well maintained car and the owner says he needs the money and is willing to negotiate. Bullzeye!

The key to buying a car is patience and the willingness to negotiate. Nothing is set in stone so be sure to try and talk your way out first. Following this example you can find tones of cars for sale by owner in New Jersey on Craigslist. From the German streets’ monsters like BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Volkswagen, to the Asian jewelries Hyundai, Lexus, Nissan, Toyota, Acura, the list is opened and ready to be explored to its maximum potential.

Just give it a go and see what models are there waiting for you. Remember that a good offer needs a keen sense of observation and a lot of time to process the information. Don’t jump into anything and check the list as often as possible. Even as we speak new cars can appear on the site.

Good luck!