Getting A Winter Car Makes Sense


The winters in North America can be extremely harsh. Last year, they were some of the coldest on record, affecting the areas of southern Ontario and New York with ice storms and power outages. If you’ve worked hard to purchase an expensive luxury vehicle, you don’t want to wreak havoc on your investment by driving it around the city in the winter months where inclement weather conditions can literally destroy your car. Harsh weather conditions can affect not only the exterior of your car (thanks to salt stains and snowy sludge) but ruin your engine and exhaust. While driving becomes even more necessary in the winter months, nothing’s worse than wearing out yourcar while sitting in the middle of gridlock during a white out. If you care about your car, don’t subject it to another cruel winter. Purchase a reliable but still stylish winter car and save money by going online to shop.

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It might sound exorbitant to shell out for a second vehicle that you’re only going to drive during a single season. But the affordability of purchasing a previously-owned ride from an online retailer means that you can buy a reliable car directly from the seller. The benefits of the power steering and heavy duty tires on a used Ford 150, Honda Pilot or an Escape (just to name a few cars that are highly recommended for winter driving) means that you and your loved ones can make the most out of the holidays and New Year. Whether you’re using your winter vehicle to commute to work or run errands in the city, have fun on a wintertime road trip or to drive long distances to visit friends or family during the holidays, you’ll have a solid ride that can take you where you need to go. Meanwhile, you can store your investment car and protect it from the inclement weather conditions, where it can remain safe and ready once spring rolls around. (Are you already nostalgic for summertime joyrides? We know we are.)

So how should you go about purchasing a winter car? A preliminary Kijiji search for a used Honda Pilot for sale online shows models ranging from a 2003 Honda Pilot SUV Crossover (complete with winter tires) for $3,600 to a 2011 Honda Pilot EX-L for $29,000 (complete with all-season tires, fog lights and halogen headlights). Look for safety features like antilock breaks, adaptive headlights and a low center of gravity, which can help in slippery road conditions and on dark, lonely stretches of winter highways. Purchasing a car directly from the seller puts you in the power position as a consumer. Don’t be afraid to inquire about emissions tests, gas and mileage history and ask for documentation concerning proof of sale and safety checks.

According to researchers at the University of California-Berkeley, fatal crashes are 14 per cent more likely to happen on the first snowy day of the season. If you have a steady vehicle that’s perfectly suited to drive in inclement weather conditions, you’ll be prepared. Look online and explore your winter driving options, all while keeping your dream car in supreme condition.