Get Value for Money When Buying a Used Mercedes

Mercedes have been creating luxurious executive cars along with family models for decades now. With such a glistening reputation providing reliable and high quality vehicles they are far from the most affordable of cars though.

The used car market is booming at the moment in these times of economic struggle, and it has created a great way for many to get behind the wheel of a Mercedes. However, even though there are many second, third and fourth hand cars out there for incredible prices there are still steps to be taken to ensure value for money is being achieved.

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Always do plenty of thorough research into the car you intend to purchase. Depreciation is the biggest loss for owners of new cars, with the value drastically dropping in the first year. Check the car’s original price and compare against its current selling rate and with other similar models to ensure you’re not paying over the odds. Read a few reviews to discover if there are any common faults or other off-putting aspects first too.

Cover All Checks

If you know the car you intend to buy’s registration number then a quick and free online check can be done to confirm its details match those of the seller. If they don’t then avoid buying that car as it may be stolen or a different model given a new identity.

Upon seeing the car check the bodywork and fittings, looking for any irregular sections of paint or where new parts have been installed. Inspect the tyres and their tread, ensuring it is at least 1.6mm, otherwise that’s another expense the new owner will have to cover. Always take the car for a test drive and thoroughly try out brakes, windscreen wipers and locks.

Browse Online

There are thousands of used Mercedes for sale all across the country, so the best deal may not be at the local garage down the road. Search online at various used car websites such as Ridgeway who provide many different models at lower prices. Sometimes it can work out cheaper to buy from a long distance dealer and collect rather than stick locally.


Many sellers don’t expect to receive the asking price so it’s always worth trying to negotiate the price down. If there are scratches, worn tyres or an MOT is coming up these are great bargaining points. This should result in you paying an appropriate price for a top quality Mercedes car.

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