Get Ready to Experience Arclight Fab Ford F100

Those who are already impressed by the incredible journey of Aaron Kaufman and his first launch Fast ‘N Loud might be eager to know about the latest updates about Arclight Fab. Well! He is now ready with his new shop and is completely focused on building Ford’s F100 lineup.

The Fast N’ Loud gained huge love and appreciation from the audience on Discovery Channel. With time, Richard Rawlings and Aaron Kaufman modified their small two bay hot rod shop named Gas Money Garage into a world-famous empire. Aaron has spent 14 tireless years to ensure ultimate growth for Gas Money Garage, and today he is all set to cherish new opportunities with his dream shop.

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Journey of Aaron with Arclight Fab Ford F100 Parts:

Aaron was interested in stepping out from this show so that he can follow his own dreams. Once he left Gas Monkey, people thought that he is now gone forever, but later on 25th June 2017, he returned with his new company that was named as ArcLight Fabrications. Today, Aaron is working hard to fill the gap for Ford F100 through his brand ArcLight Fab by serving the world with parts of Ford F100s 1957-1979 models. He has also launched a new website, but it is working only for the promotion of stickers, hats and T-shirts. If you visit the social media page of ArcLight Fab and Aaron, you may find many photos along with promotional campaigns for F100.

Aaron is now planning to serve the world with almost all essential components for Ford 100 along with complete chassis as well. Probably, you will find the whole line up of essential parts by the next year. The list also includes custom wheel designs for this dream vehicle. We understand that it is not that easy to step out of the existing platform Gas Money Garage and build a new identity on the path of dreams, but Aaron has worked hard to prove his potential in the market.

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Aaron Kaufman Arclight Fabrication Shop:

This shop is presently located at Dallas, and it will be launching F100 only events soon so that people can enjoy cruises all day long through Texas Backroads. They can also spend some time with Aaron and listen to his motivational and inspiring stories related to the campfire. The fact is that this journey of success for Aaron was not that easy, but today he has reached at a brighter spot with his Dallas based shop. At this platform, buyers can find almost all Arclight Fab Ford F100 Parts to meet their requirements.

You can join the Instagram page of ArcLight Fab and Aaron to know more about his latest collections. Those who are excited to ride their old Ford F100 on the road can take help from this experienced and highly skilled professional. Here you will be able to find all the essential parts for the vehicle to make it run perfectly on the road. There is no official announcement about the return of Aaron to any TV show but if you want to know this person closely, spare some time to visit his Aaron Kaufman Arclight Fabrication Shop in Dallas.

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