Get More Out of Your Vehicle With Regular Car Care


When your vehicle runs good, you probably don’t think about getting an oil change or new tires, but when your car stops working, your life practically stops. Taking care of your vehicle keeps it running well and dependable, so that you can always count on it, no matter where the road takes you. Look for professional car care in Wake Forest to do the heavy maintenance, but you need to do your part. Learn more about what you can do to keep your vehicle in peak operating performance.

Oil Changes

Staying on top of oil changes will keep your engine running longer and more efficiently. More cars have technology that reminds you of getting regular oil and filter changes, but people still ignore those reminders. Taking your car into the shop for this service may be part of your warranty, which makes it even more important. However, even if it isn’t required, it is one of the best things you can do to keep your engine healthy. During the oil change, the technician inspects your belts and other fluids to help you stay on top of maintenance issues.

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Clean Your Vehicle

A good wash every few weeks is more than just aesthetics. You want your car to look good, but keeping the dirt off your vehicle protects the finish. Dirt, bird droppings, and grime eat away at the finish of your car which leads to rust and stripping away the paint. It’s especially important in the winter, when the salt and chemicals are on the road. Use a dedicated product for cars, because it will be milder on the paint of your car. Take the time to wash your windows, inside and out, for better vision. Every time you go to the gas station, empty your car of trash. Not only will your vehicle look better, but it will hold its value.

Read the Manufacturer’s Guidelines

Every car manufacturer provides guidelines about maintenance and car care in wake Forest. Even if you bought your car used, you can still use these guidelines. Something like transmission flushing or driveline lubrication is recommended at regular intervals. You may not know if the previous owner did it, but you can ask your mechanic if your needs it. Working with the same mechanic shop lets the technicians learn your car. They’ll be more apt to notice small changes in your vehicle and you’ll be aware of potential problems before they become major issues.

Look For Ways to Protect Your Vehicle

When you park in the sun, it cracks and fades the interior. You can find sun shades and UV protectants to keep this from happening. When you see small problems in your car, take care of it quickly before it gets worse. This saves you money, because the worse a problem becomes, the more costly the repair bill. Do regular inspections on your vehicle, just walk around and look at the tires for wear. Watch for leaks on your driveway. Giving your vehicle regular attention makes you aware of changes so that you can get it to a mechanic before you break down. Keep your car running well so that you can maintain  your busy lifestyle.