Geneva Motor Show – Hyundai i-Flow Concept

Hyundai launched at Geneva i-flow concept Hybrid created by Koreans to transmit new ideas for design in the future Hyundai models.

Hyundai i-Flow Concept at 2010 Geneva Motor Show

Hyundai introduced at the Geneva Motor Show i-flow concept, a concept with flowing lines, elegant, with its futuristic shape that helps to improve aerodynamics resulting in the final reduction and decreased fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. So Hyundai has managed to reduce CO2 emissions to the value of 85 g / km. These values are due to hybrid drive train that uses a diesel and an electric engine.

In terms of concept dimensions Korean car measures 4,780 mm, width 1,850 mm, 1,420 mm in height and has a wheelbase of 2,800 mm, offering these features Hyundai i-Flow and a silhouette that looks more like a coupe than a sedan class. Inside Hyundai latest generation of materials used to ease the concept and to provide extra space.

Hyundai i-Flow Concept at 2010 Geneva Motor Show

Under the hood we have a 1.7 liter diesel unit with propeller power to define efficiency of this concept in terms of consumption and CO2 emissions. Concept created by Hyundai was produced for the adoption of new sources of energy regeneration, Korean using both solar panels and thermal-electric generators.

Hyundai i-Flow Concept at 2010 Geneva Motor Show

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