Geneva Motor Show – Alfa Romeo Pandion by Bertone

Designers from Bertone presented a new concept as a design proposal replacement for Alfa Romeo Brera. As you know, Alfa Romeo has announced that it will present three concepts from three different design houses at Geneva Motor Show and the public will choose the most interesting proposal. Alfa Romeo Pandion concept aims to attract fans of Bertone design house and vote their design proposal for the replacement range 159.

Alfa Romeo Pandion by Bertone

Pandion name comes from a rare species of birds, and the concept with the same name is based on the platform of Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione.

The concept is equipped with the same 4.7-liter V8 engine that delivers 450 hp. Pandion project is first created under the leadership of Mike Robinson and is presented as the first model from Bertone, who went on the market after a difficult financial period and a tumultuous legal battle.

Alfa Romeo Pandion by Bertone
Alfa Romeo Pandion by Bertone
Alfa Romeo Pandion by Bertone

Pandion by Bertone has a length of 4,620 mm, a width of 1,971 mm and height of this concept is 1,230 mm, while the wheelbase is 2,850 mm. The most interesting feature of this concept is the opening system by the doors, similar to those present on Alfa Romeo Carabo, Lancia Stratos 0, Lamborghini Countach and even Fiat Barchetta. Unlike the models mentioned above, the door open concept from Pandion also reaches a vertical position.

Alfa Romeo Pandion by Bertone
Alfa Romeo Pandion by Bertone

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