Gamechanging Apps for People Who Are Addicted to Driving


It doesn’t matter whether you are considered a petrolhead or a motorhead the meaning is the same, you love your car and will resist all other forms of transport when you have the chance to get behind the wheel of your treasured automobile.

If this sounds like you and you can’t get enough of all things driving related, there are some apps that are designed to enhance your experience and maybe even bring your motoring enjoyment to higher levels.

Here is a look at how to get more miles for your money, a safe way to check your messages, plus an app to help rate your driving efficiency.

Step on the gas

If you love driving your car you will need plenty of gas each week to get you around, which means that the price you pay for your fuel will make a difference to your motoring costs.

A handy app to have on your smartphone is GasBuddy as it will use your location to tell you where the cheapest gas in your area can be found. The prices are submitted by fellow GasBuddy users so you can do your bit and tell others when you find a cheap gas deal.

There is also an added incentive to contribute to the motoring community by posting gas prices, as there are free prizes to be won too.


Safety first

Road safety is a big issue and distracted driving is one of the major causes of car accidents, which is why you should consider a couple of apps that will help you to keep your eyes ahead and your hands on the wheel. is an app that is targeted at stopping distracted driving while giving you the chance to keep up to date with your text messages even while you are driving.

The app lets you hear your incoming text messages as well as emails, Facebook messages, and even Twitter updates. It is dangerous to grab your phone or divert your attention from the road ahead to read a message, which is why an app like this makes sense.

Another app that will also help you to stay safe is a call recorder app and you can get it on Google Play.

This will give you the option of automatically recording calls on your smartphone so that you can play them back and make notes from the conversation once you have pulled over and it’s safe to do so.

Rate your driving skills

You love cars and you are most likely a good driver but it is always good to challenge yourself and see if you can improve your driving efficiency.

If you download an app like TripAlyzer you will be able to check how efficient you are behind the wheel and see how you fared on each journey for miles per gallon, driving habits and other things that all combine to give you an efficiency rating.

If you have some of the apps on your phone and with you in your car, they could even raise your passion for driving to even greater heights.

Adam Goddard enjoys writing about cars and driving. Whether he’s sharing tips on purchasing a second-hand car or writing about motorsports you can be sure Adam will give you a good read.