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Gadgets of the future

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Gadgets of the future We live in a very technological age nowadays, of course, and it seems every month or two sees the release of a new gadget designed to make our lives a little easier. From the way we access information to the methods we use to order the goods and services we need, the planet seems a very different place now.
In the world of surveillance, items that were once just the figment of a writer’s imagination have become reality in recent years. The days when we marvelled at how anyone could dream up a pen that could also be used as a gun have turned into the days when such an implement actually exists.

Battling back against crime

In the car, we now have little machines that tell us the best way to get to our destination, as well as a range of high-tech anti-theft devices to protect our investment. But thieves still manage to steal plenty of vehicles, although there’s one little gadget which is helping owners, and the police, to fight back in the war against wrong-doers.

A vehicle tracking device can be purchased from any good supplier of spy equipment, and once it’s fitted it can monitor a car’s movements with ease. As well as helping the authorities to catch criminals, it can also be used by owners who may suspect their spouses are going to places where they shouldn’t go.

To listen into conversations around the home, there are a number of devices which can be used. One of the most intriguing looks exactly like a memory stick for a personal computer, so it would blend in easily, as would another one that appears to be a simple key fob for a car, which could be placed discreetly just about anywhere.

Accessing online activity

As well as an extensive range of covert voice recorders, it’s also possible to purchase Internet monitoring software, which allows the user to see which websites have been visited on his or her computer. It also enables them to read conversations that have taken place in chat rooms and on social networking sites.

Secret cameras have long been the stuff of spy movies, with the likes of James Bond and even Austin Powers using them at some point. However, ordinary members of the public can now buy them as well, and they are available at highly affordable prices. Even covert video cameras, fitted with night vision if necessary, are easy to find in stores and on the Internet.

David Rice is a UK writer who lives and works in West Sussex. He believes it’s only a matter of time before will be able to buy a teleporting machine on eBay.