Gadgets and Modifications That Help Prevent Vehicular Theft

When one mentions car customization, the first things that come to mind are performance boosting and street racing.

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Not all vehicle modifications, though, are used for power and handling enhancement. In the world we live in, we stand a good chance of being preyed upon by criminals. The professionals at agree that being a victim of crime can be a scary experience. It has the potential of causing severe emotional distress and insecurity.

There are, however, many car modifications that can be done to help prevent theft and other crimes related to automobiles. Unlike performance enhancers, your insurance will typically reward you for installing most of these gadgets by reducing your monthly premium. In this article, we’ll take a look at the most common improvements.

Car Alarms

Most modern vehicles come with factory equipped car alarms, which is a useful add-on to thwart thieves. If your car’s system is broken, or simply doesn’t have one, there are many aftermarket products available that typically require professional installation. Apart from increasing security, these often come with added features such as keyless entry and remote car starting.

Tracking Systems

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Although GPS, Bluetooth, or Wi-FI tracking devices aren’t exactly anti-theft systems, they act as a significant deterrent. In-case of theft, these devices relay your car’s location to the authorities, making it easier for them to find your vehicle and possibly catch the criminals. Trackers, in general, come with a small monthly subscription fee.

Steering Locks

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These devices aren’t permanently installed but are easy to put on and take off. It works by locking over the steering wheel, making it impossible to turn the wheel. Thieves typically don’t bother trying to steal vehicles with these equipped, as they won’t be able to make off with the car without drawing attention to themselves.

Wheel Locks

Although these devices are most commonly used by law enforcement, they also work well to deter potential thieves. The mechanism locks onto the outside of the wheel, preventing it from turning, making it impossible to drive away. It is, however, best suited for vehicles that’ll remain stationary for prolonged periods such as trailers, ATV’s, and RV’s.

Video Cameras

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Most thieves tend to avoid being caught on camera while breaking in. Unfortunately, many of these devices are expensive and can’t provide you with real-time feedback. There are alternative options, though. For instance, baby cameras are affordable and allow you to see what’s happening live. It also won’t affect your vehicle’s power supply, as it runs off of its battery.

Immobilizers or Kill Switches

Kill switches interrupt the operation of the ignition system, making it impossible to hot-wire your car. These devices are typically activated by using a remote, button, or smartphone, depending on its type. However, due to its complexity of interfering with your car’s electronics, it’s best to have it installed by a professional.

Never Forget the Basics

Although these devices effectively deter crime, it’s essential to make a habit of implementing the following:

  • Ensure that, when you park your vehicle, its doors are locked, and windows are closed.
  • Ensure to always keep your keys with you.
  • Always park in secure areas.
  • Make sure to lock your valuables away.

Prevent Theft Now

Instead of waiting for your car to be stolen, consider these modifications to avoid it in the first place. 

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