From Charging a Dead Battery to Saving Your Life, these are the Must Have Car Tools Every Driver Needs


There’s nothing more stressful than having your car breakdown on a long stretch of highway in the middle of the night. Says, it can be even more stressful if you find yourself all alone in an unfamiliar area. In many cases, a breakdown like an overheating engine or a flat is something that is beyond your control. But what isn’t out of your control is being prepared for the unexpected. This is especially true if your involved in an auto accident.

According to the Levinson Law Group, a San Diego car accident lawyer, there is seemingly no end to the amount of auto accidents that can happen on America’s highways and roads, while there is also no limit to the type and severity of accidents that can occur. Distracted driving accidents, drunk driving accidents, head-one collisions, rear-end collisions, texting accidents, even Uber accidents, can leave you not only shaken up and traumatized, but you can actually be trapped inside a car that could potentially be leaking gasoline and on fire. That’s why it’s important for you to have a few tools on hand that can actually save your life in case of a vehicular collision.

While a simple breakdown like a flat tire can be easily remedied by calling a mobile auto repair service like AAA, more serious issues like total loss of brakes, engine failure, or a collision, will require a towing service to transport your damaged car to the nearest automotive repair shop. In the case of an accident, you will need to contact the 911 (if there are injures), the police, your insurance agent, and a lawyer specializing in auto accidents.   

But before disaster strikes, it’s a prudent move to arm yourself with some of the tools that can make your life a whole lot easier in case of a breakdown or accident. Here’s just a few you’ll want to store in your car at all times.

A Mini Maglite or Similar Flashlight

These are powerful LED flashlights that can turn the night into day if your car breaks down and you find yourself searching for the problem. Of course, a smartphone flashlight app can be utilized, but some flashlights come equipped with magnets built into them which can free your hands up. Also, flashlight apps seriously drain a phone’s battery, or so says

A Small or Collapsible Shovel

Shovels can be a Godsend if you get stuck in a snowbank. Lot’s of Jeep owners carry shovels just in case they get stuck in mud. Popular collapsible shovels that can be found on the market today feature a handle, a scoop, and a midsection that, at just one foot in length, easily fits in your trunk.

LED Road Flares

If you’ve experienced a breakdown in the middle of the night on a quiet rural road, or even a highway, you need to alert other drivers to your situation, or you could risk not only a rear-end collision but being hit by a passing vehicle while inspecting your car. Digital flares powered by super bright LED bulbs are visible from a long distance. They are water resistant and powered by AA batteries.  

Battery Jump Starter Kit

If your battery dies unexpectedly, you can recharge it with a secondary portable power source. Ordinarily you would need jumper cables and the use of a second vehicle’s battery. But with a portable jump starter kit, you can revive your battery at least long enough to get you to an auto repair shop. One of the most popular model jump starter kits is said to hold its charge for up to a year. You can even charge your phone with its USB inputs.

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Emergency Roadside Kit

Think of the emergency roadside kit as a one-stop shop for many of the essential tools you need should you experience a breakdown or even a minor accident. It’s also surprisingly compact. It contains gloves, window scrapers, a first-aid kit, jumper cables, a 12-volt compressor to fill up a tire running low on air, and more.  

A Life Saving Escape Tool

The worst has happened and you’ve been in a terrible auto accident. You might be injured and what’s worse, you’re trapped inside your car. With a car escape tool, you can cut your way out of your seatbelt due to its concealed blade. Also, by pressing the top of the tool against the corner of your door window, a spring-fed devise will release and break the glass. This tool can be easily stored on your keyring for easy access. It could literally save your life.  

Driving can at times, be a dangerous business. Besides the tools already mentioned you should naturally have a lug wrench on hand, also a jack, and a spare tire. All of these are standard tools. But if you’re armed with special tools like an emergency roadside kit and an escape tool, you can not only temporarily repair your car, you can fix an injury, or make a life-saving escape from a vehicle that’s leaking gas and/or on fire.   

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