Frankfurt Motor Show 2015 – What to Expect?

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Everyone knows that when it comes to cars you have to think far ahead. The Frankfurt Motor Show hasn’t even started yet and representatives are already thinking at the next surprise car models that will mesmerize the audience. What’s to expect from this year’s show? Take a look below!

Dates and Tickets

The Frankfurt Motor Show will begin on September 15th and close its gates on September 27th. The first and second days will be dedicated to the press in order to report live from the show and keep the audience updated. The third and fourth days are dedicated to trade and fleet visitors. From September 19th to 27th the show will be open to the public from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm. If you want to participate be sure to buy your ticket in advance.

What will we see?

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A lot of cool and interesting things. Alfa Romeo plans to parade its dramatic Giulia and the 503bhp Quadrifoglio that was revealed right before it. Meanwhile, Audi will come with the fifth-generation of Audi A4 which makes use of the VW’s MQB platform. This means more space inside and better working engines. In addition to this Audi comes with an electric SUV concept that is meant to outshine the Tesla Model X.

Bentley is going to unveil its first production SUV that combines luxury with 4×4 features. Bentayga will be the first model to come with a petrol-electric powertrain, and it is supposed to offer a 4.0-litre twin turbo V8 engine besides the regular 6.0-litre W12.

The Kia Sportage crossover is inspired from last year’s KX3 Concept and it plans to include new turbocharged three-cylinder units. And the best part is that this Sportage doesn’t come alone. It comes with its friend Kia Cee’d which features a new style, a 1.0-litre ‘ecoTurbo’ three-cylinder engine and an updated cabin and safety tech.

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Mercedes-Benz comes with three new projects that are meant to make everyone dream big. The C-class Coupe can be seen for the first time at Frankfurt with its smooth, two-door design. Next to it comes the C63 AMG Coupe  that features a 4.0-litre bi-turbo V8. It’s bound to be the sensation of the show.

Porsche 911 facelift Porche is planning on getting its 911 an interesting facelift that includes styling adjustments and interior upgrades. What are they going to do next?

Renault Mégane – Renault’s third-generation Mégane comes in a sportier design, ready to be tested by those who want to try something different.

Smart Fortwo Cabriolet folding fabric roof. Does it sound like Smart Fortwo to you?

Volkswagen owes us more details about the new Volkswagen Tiguan SUV that is meant to charm the hearts of all VW lovers.

Stay tuned for more updates. It’s going to be fantastic!