Frankfurt Motor Show 2011:Audi or Seat?

Seat is the new Audi!! Didn’t you hear that? Apparently, the Frankfurt Motor Show 2011 has revealed the newest concept called 2012 Seat Exeo.

The relation between  these two car brands is pretty simple: Seat (Audi’s correspondent on the Spanish market) has inherited  the previous A4 after it had been replaced.

So they’ve decided to do some small changes (that paradoxically  made the model look more like an Audi) they’ve stamped it with Seat’s logo and …..a new car was born.

Until now, people have declared themselves “pro” this concept, since they love Audi, it is impossible not to love this one too. And some say that Exeo is better because it is a little smaller and easier to maneuver.

Hmmm… what it your opinion?




Via Seat