Is the Ford Ka the Best Supermini?

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The Ford Ka is one of the most popular super minis to drive today. There are many standard features available such as cloth seats, driver airbags, folding rear seats, and PAS. Other features such as air conditioning are available on most new models but not on older versions.


The Ka’s engine delivers 70 bhp, which makes it good for driving in the city but noisier on long motorway journeys. The Ka steers well and the gearchange is very responsive, making this a good car for new drivers. As far as space, the interior is roomy enough for a compact car, although adults may find it a bit tricky to squeeze into the back seat. The rear seats fold down to allow for increased boot space and greater practicality. Since its debut in 1996, the Ka has proven to be extremely reliable, with only minor mechanical issues which are cheap and relatively easy to fix.

Despite the low running costs, the initial price can be a bit high, ranging between £8795 – £12,225. There is also the road tax to consider, which can range from £140 – £220 per year for older models. The reason for the higher tax rate is because the older versions of the Ka emit more carbon dioxide than most competitors. However, newer versions have dramatically reduced their emissions.

When comparing the Ford Ka available at Bristol Street Brimingham with the Fiat Panda, another popular super mini, the Ka wins out in almost every category. It offers a greater engine size and more power than the Fiat and there is also more luggage capacity. Performance and handling is roughly equal between the two cars, but the Ka is slightly superior thanks to its responsiveness, especially in city environments. The running costs are lower than those of the Fiat, which is more prone to mechanical troubles that in turn are more expensive to fix. The lower costs make up for the fact that the Fiat Panda has higher green credentials in spite of the Ka’s improvement over the last several years.

Overall, the Ford Ka is a reliable car that is fun to drive and easy to handle. While it may not be built for long journeys on the motorway, its compact design makes it easy to manoeuvre when driving in the city. It is also cheap to run and maintain as long as car servicing available at Bristol Street Motors is kept up to date. With many variations of the Ka available, there is sure to be one that meets every driver’s specific needs.