Ford expands King Ranch beyond F-Series and Expedition, possibly to the Explorer

It’s been twenty years since Ford first introduced the cowboy-themed King Ranch disguise, named after the King Ranch in Texas and with liberal use of the ranch’s W-Shed brand. King Ranch has since been a part of the Ford F-150 and Super Duty pickups that are placed above the XLTs and Lariats but below the high-end Limited and Platinum models.

From a marketing perspective, a King Ranch Explorer makes sense. It is possible for Ford to structure such an Explorer after the pickup trucks, placing it between the Explorer XLT valued at $ 35,890 and the Explorer Limited valued at $ 46,895. We think it is more likely that a theoretical King Ranch Explorer will follow the example of the expedition and be based on the top model Platinum. In this case, the price of a Kind Ranch Explorer is likely to be somewhere between the $ 54,495 Ford Rod ST and the $ 56,370 Explorer Platinum.

What could a Ford Explorer King Ranch look like? We don’t expect anything radical on the outside; We’re assuming the platinum would look similar with a few additional badges. Most of the distinction would be in the cabin, where King Ranch models generally have brown leather embossed or embroidered with the King Ranch logo and open-pore wood. In terms of features, we imagine the level of equipment would likely rival the Explorer Platinum.

However, all of this is just speculation on our part. We might be wrong about the ornament and we might be wrong about the Explorer. According to Ford, we’ll only be staying in the dark for a couple of days as the new King Ranch model is announced in two days.

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