Fly like the pros with the new FPV drone from DJI

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After flying a couple of drones myself, I know the excitement of experiencing a view from above that you are in control is second to none. Usually, however, I have experienced these views through a controller and phone and never through a headset. However, this may change with the latest version of DJI. DJI is now making it easier than ever to get the most immersive drone experience with its new FPV drone. This new drone gives the pilot a 4W / 60fps Super-Wide 150 ° FOV through the supplied goggles. Plus, this drone is easy to fly thanks to the new DJI Motion Controller that looks like a joystick (sold separately for $ 199). If you’ve always wanted to take your drone to the next level but didn’t know where to start, the new DJI FPV is an excellent choice. You can buy it now for $ 1,299. Click the button below for more information.

dji fpv


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