Fisker Goes Rolling With Karma 1

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Henrik Fisker, if you can recall the man behind many BMW and Aston Martin models, founded his own company, The Fisker Automotive. And the first work he unveiled to public was the Karma 1, three years earlier.

Fisker Karma Plug-In

However, this is going to be their first massively produced model to come on the street. A silent figure of 7000 units, the Fisker is going to supply around this year, which is too little in the industry for any brands capable to pose threat to major movers.

Fisker used to work as the assembly house for other brands, which they are going to end this year and that is the reason they are making such small leap with their own Karma 1. The Fisker Karma is posed to the market as mid size luxury car with sporty performance that might give some senses to Ford Focus, Chevy Volt, Leaf from Nissan.
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